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    Javascript function needs to fire based on value set by a checkbox

    John K.-Oracle
      Hi All, I am doing my best to learn javascript on http://www.w3schools.com and was hoping to not have to ask these types of questions but until I get fully educated I'm a bit stuck.

      I am running a function on an apex page that checks the value in a tabular form LOV column and then does some stuff. This code works fine assuming that the column that I am evaluating is displayed as a 'Select List - Static LOV'. If I change the column to display as a checkbox, then this code no longer works. How should I change this to be able to read the value when set by a checkbox instead of an LOV?
      var currIndex = $('select[name="'+pThis.name+'"]').index(pThis);
       // check current items value (return value of lov)
       if (pThis.value=='Y') 
      Also, my function works when a user sets the value after the page is displayed but I also need it to do this same stuff on page load. Can I just copy the function into the html page body? Maybe if someone can just point me in the right direction I can continue to research. I know there have been threads on this but I'm still not fully clear on how I accomplish this.

      Thanks in advance everyone for continuing to teach me apex.