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    SOA Suite for healthcare integration - issue creting a document callout


      I had a go at trying to create a Java document callout to embed some Java code , following SOA Suite for healthcare integration and SOA Suite B2 documentation. I believe that I have the right skeleton code for the callout, see at the end of the post. I have a JAR file in a configured callout directory. When I try to “create” a callout in the designer-->callouts I can provide the name for the callout, the callout JAR is found, but the method drop-down does not show my method so I can’t actually create the callout and use it in my inbound or outbound endpoint.

      Is there a "special" way I need to create the JAR or something, which will allow my JAR to be parsed and the method to be found?

      Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer

      package hl7transformcallout;

      import java.io.*;
      import java.net.*;
      import java.util.*;
      import oracle.tip.b2b.callout.Callout;
      import oracle.tip.b2b.callout.CalloutMessage;
      import oracle.tip.b2b.callout.CalloutContext;
      import oracle.tip.b2b.callout.exception.*;

      public class HL7TransformCalloutImpl implements Callout {
      public void execute(CalloutContext context, List input,
      List output) throws CalloutDomainException,
      CalloutSystemException {
      try {
      /* b2b.jar in $BEA_HOME\Oracle_SOA1\soa\modules\oracle.soa.b2b_11.1.1 */

      // (1) Retrieve the callout properties from CalloutContext
      // String xsltFile = context.getStringProperty("xsltFile");

      // (2) Get the input callout message
      CalloutMessage cmIn = (CalloutMessage)input.get(0);

      String cmStr = cmIn.getBodyAsString();

      CalloutMessage cmOut = new CalloutMessage();
      cmOut.setParameter("MCZ_PROPERTY", "MCZ_PROPERTY_VALUE");

      // // create Error callout message
      // // this is an optional step
      // CalloutMessage err = new CalloutMessage(/* set the payload that causes this
      // error */);
      // err.setParameter("error_message", "true");
      // err.setParameter("error_desc", "set the error desc");
      // output.add(err);

      //(5) Throw an exception, if any
      } catch (Exception e) {
      throw new CalloutDomainException(e);