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    I want you to check why moderator locked my thread?

      I am a j2ee guy. from so long we are into this forum. I used to post and answer so many j2ee and java related threads. I have posted a thread and the discussion was going on, mean while in the discussion we ran into a geniric question on web applications and when we are discussing on that moderator locked my thread. after all j2ee is for web applications and we are j2ee developers. when we have a generic doubt on web applications where will we go for that. in j2ee forums there will lot of people who worked on web applications. so when we ran into a discussion in between it should be allowed. people post struts and some other stuff which is not related at all. they are being fine but when i am discussing a general web application issue in j2ee forums i dont feel that moderator has done the right thing. After all j2ee is about developing enterprise applications so when we are on topic why does it get locked. my thread is

      how does facebook comments work? I mean if i have to do in j2ee.


      is there any other forum for this?
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          Perhaps useful to note the main thrust of discussion has continued on {thread:id=2496863} ....

          (NB: thanks OP for NOT supplying a link to this and wasting my time! ... I am not impressed by picking up a thread with zero replies to see a related thread discussion going on elsewhere)

          It certainly appears to me the thread was off topic for the forum it was in, though my java/j2ee is really scant, so I can't say for sure. As such OP probably has no gripe against a thread lock.

          Perhaps the question involved really which technology to use to solve a particular problem ... any may have skipped accross boundaries. As far as I can tell there is no appropriate 'general questions' category; but I suspect the thread might not have been out of totally out of context under
          {forum:id=922} ... but some may argue this is more under j2ee than straight Java. So an alternative forum suggestion or move might have been a different way to go. That said .... forum moderators have limited spare time so if they choose to lock rather than move that would be okay by me.

          I guess moderators will discuss this if necessary (if it is not already) on: Too much mod ( This is a moderator only discussion .... so i have no clue what is said).