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    edit page fetching with rowid problem

      Hi! I have an interactive report from a view and have a rowid column that is a link to a page to edit a table.

      The rowid value in db is: ABH/WVAG1AAAAF9AAA

      But the generated link is:


      And when it loads the page it happens a no data found error (because the escaped characters)

      What would be the solution for this problem?
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          Matthew Morris
          Using ROWIDs as the primary keys for a table isn't really a good practice -- despite the fact that Oracle decided to include the capability in Apex. I will do it... on very rare occasions, when I have a tiny lookup table that really has no need of PKs. The best solution would be to switch to using a real primary key column for that table. That said, it may well not be a practical one for you.

          You might try placing a process in the Page rendering section that runs before the row fetch. Have it do something like:

          :P24_ROWID := REPLACE(:P24_ROWID, '%26#x2F;', '/');

          Not something I've ever needed to attempt, so untested...
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