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    OAAM KBA Challenge Question ?

      Hi Experts,

      I have a Custom UI frontending OIM. The OIM is integrated with OAM and OAAM. All the products are in R2.

      On the Custom UI I have a tab upon clicking on which I want a KBA challenge from OAAM to come up. My experience says its not a simple thing to do as on OAAM we cannot set Policies on a URI basis.

      Any inputs on the simplest ways it can be achieved ? Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

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          OAAM policies really have little to do with the KBA framework apart from deciding to do them in the first place. You can simply call the getSecretQuestion API which is part of the OAAM native Java library.

          VCryptAuth vCryptAuth = VCryptAuthUtil.getVCryptAuthInstance();
          VCryptQuestion question = vCryptAuth.getSecretQuestion(userId);
          harosaSession.getExternalUserId(),new VCryptLocale(bharosaSession.getLocale()));

          Then just render the question. This of course requires the user to have registered questions in the first place.
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