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    Custom reconciliation

      Hi Experts,
      I am using the following function to update the process form data in OIM for an application instance using reconciliation. Please let me know, how to populate userInfoMap(parameter passed to createReconEvent) in execute method and update the account details for the application instance. The process form contains user defined fields. I am usin 11gr2.

      public static long createReconEvent(String resourceObject, HashMap userInfoMap, ReconOperationsService reconOperationsServiceObj) throws tcAPIException, tcObjectNotFoundException, tcEventNotFoundException, tcEventDataReceivedException {
                String functionName = "createReconEvent()";
                EventAttributes eventAttribs= new EventAttributes(true, null, ChangeType.CHANGELOG, null);
                System.out.println("Function ::" + functionName + " createReconEvent ::START");
                long reconKey=reconOperationsServiceObj.createReconciliationEvent(resourceObject, userInfoMap, eventAttribs);
                System.out.println("Function ::" + functionName + " Recon Key Generated is ::" + reconKey);
                return reconKey;