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    how to provision existing users into resource


      I have a scenario where I have OIM and OID as a resource in OIM. Now we already have some existing users in OIM but they are not present on OID. The requirement is that all the OIM users should have an account on OID. We would be doing automatic provisioning through Access Policy based provisioning for newly created users. My understanding is that the Access Policies get triggered only when a new user is created. How can i provision the already existing users in OIM to OID?


      OIM has users A,B,C,D

      OID has user accounts for B and D.

      For a new user E which is created on OIM the access based role provisioning would get triggered and an account would be created on OID.

      What needs to be done for creating accounts for A and C on OID, automatically.

      Thanks in advance.