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    Best practice for replicate the IDM (OIM environment


      I need to replicate the IDM production to build the IDM test environment. I have the OIM in production with lots of custom codes.

      I have two approaches:

      Manually deploy the code through Jdeveloper and export and import all the artifacts. Issue is this will require a lot of time and resolving dependencies.

      Take the OIM, MDS and SOA schemas export and Import the same into new IDM Test DB environment.

      could you please suggest me what is the best practice and if you have some pointers to achieve the same.

      Appreciate your help.

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          Kevin Pinsky
          Follow your build document for the same steps you used to build production.

          You should know where all your code is. You can use the deployment manager to export your configurations. Export customized files from MDS. Just follow the process again, and you will have a clean instance not containing production data.

          It only takes a lot of time if your client is lacking documentation or if you re not familiar with all the parts of the environment. What's 2-3 hours compared to all the issues you will run into if you copy databases or import/export schemas?