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    different look for DB Adapter app in SOA (validationForCC app)

      I have SOA environment.
      I was following the tutorial for DB Adapter app deployment.
      The app is deployed fine from JDeveloper but in my case some of the weblogic pages look different from those screenshots mentioned in the tutotial.
      In the tutorial the <host<:>port>/em page has the following top layout
      __Application deployments
      __Weblogic domain
      __Metadata respositories
      __User messaging service

      In my case it is
      __Application deployments
      __Weblogic domain

      I wonder why I don't see SOA link here?

      Also in my case
      page yielded the following:

      Welcome to the Oracle SOA/BPM Platform on WebLogic
      SOA Version: v11. - built on Wed Dec 14 13:55:57 PST 2011
      WebLogic Server Tue Nov 15 08:52:36 PST 2011 1441050 (
      The following composites are currently deployed:
      Test client (link is http://localhost:7001/soa-infra/services/default/SimpleApproval!)
      Test getStatusByCC (link is http://localhost:7001/soa-infra/services/default/validationForCC!1.0*soa_1845c2cb-70f7-49a9-863d-151772afb470/getStatusByCC)

      And engaging the link for the deployed app getStatusByCC tutorias app gives me a different page layout from one that is mentioend in the tutorial. The credit card validation app does work and gives me correct either VALID or NULL results but the page layout is completely different.

      I want ot add that I deployed the app to the admin server because I don't have resources on this PC to run both the managed server as well and deploy the app there, the PC becomes very slow, thought I tried different options with
      set EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES=-Xms900m -Xmx900m

      I wonder if the differences in my case are due to the fact that the is deployed to the admin server, not managed server? Or is the page layout different because it is version, I beleive the tutorial uses screens? Or may be I missed something else?
      Would appreciate any feedback from the elders.

      Thank you