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    Storing a goal/target in BI to use in KPI's and Analyses

      I'm trying to find the best way to store a particular goal or target to be used both in KPI's and in Charts.

      Example: I'm reporting on donuts made per hour (i'm really not). Our end user needs to be able to enter their goal: 100 donuts/hour.

      This goal would do two things:
      1) be the target in one or more KPI's as they relate to actual donut production.
      2) be a goal line on a chart showing donut production. (I envision this as a horizontal line at the goal threshold).

      As I see it, I can setup some kind of writeback table that holds configuration. though I'm not sure how I would then tie it into any dimension as needed for KPI use.
      I'd really not get some recommendations on best course of action before heading down that path.

      Thanks for reading.