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    Oracle CSI number for individuals

      Is it possible to get a CSI number for individuals ?
      i would like to have access to Metalink documents and access to any patchset updates. I know Oracle database is available for free downloads, but the version available is, patchset update is available to paid customers having CSI#.

      Please share any information on how to obtain a CSI#. i am willing to pay and get a valid registration as an individual and not as a company.

      Thanks in advance.
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          MOS requires a paid software license and support contract. It offers technical support notes, bug access, request tracking and patches. It is the only place you can get critical updates and patch sets to, for instance.

          Also Dan Morgan Said Once That you could have MOS account by buying Cheap Products from Oracle Store.

          Check the below link
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            As a side note, having a CSI won't give you the rights to download/use the software patches that you did not paid the support for.
            If that's for your personal studying, you most likely don't need patches.
            If that's for your own business, consider the Personal Edition.