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    Change BI Publisher Report Locale setting from within a Dashboardprompt

      I created a Dashboard that contains a Dashboardprompt and a BI Publischer-Report.
      As datasource, I use a analysis report.
      So, the parameters for the data itself is no problem.
      To change the language for the data content I use a session variable (NQ_SESSION.Lang) which is mapped to my Dashboardprompt (Label = Language) presentation variable (pv_Lang).
      With this approach, I'm able to show a Publisher-Report in another language than the UI.
      What is missing now, is the translation for the report. It's possible to translate the rtf template, so I did.
      All what the user has to do then, is to select the language in the Dashboardprompt and to go to 'My Account' --> 'BI Publischer Preferences' and set the same language as selected in the Dashboardprompt before.

      And this is my question: Is it possible to omit the 'BI Publisher Preferences' step and set the report-language directly in Dashboardprompt?

      Thanks for any suggestions,