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    GeoRaptor 3.2.2 Released for SQL Developer 3.x

    Simon Greener
      The GeoRaptor team is pleased to announce release (http://sourceforge.net/projects/georaptor/) for SQL Developer 3.x.

      (Many of the fixed errors or new features are to the credit of John O'Toole of 1Spatial.com without whom this project would fold for lack of testers and involved users.)
      * A general row limit on the number of objects georaptor tries to render has been added. 
         - For example, if query returns 10,000 features within a view's map extent, setting a limit of 5,000 will mean rendering 
           will stop after those features have been displayed with the query then terminated.
         - Accessible via Tools>Preferences>GeoRaptor>Miscellaneous>Search/Display/Query Limit (feats). (John O'Toole)
      * Query Layer enhancements (Simon Greener)
        - Ability to change buffer size in new Layer Properties Query Tab; 
        - Ability to change secondary filter type in Layer Properties Query Tab (after layer initial creation);
        - Visualise (turn on/off) original query geometry in map display (saved with layer definition between SQL Developer sessions)
      * Ability to mark each vector/vertex-to-vertex line segment of a linestring with its ID (Simon Greener)
      * Ability to copy current View MBR to clipboard as SDO_GEOMETRY(2003,....SDO_ELEM_INFO_ARRAY(1,1003,2),.....  (Simon Greener)
        - Activated by Right mouse click on specific view node in map layer tree;
      * Ability to change connection of existing map layer (table/column must be exactly same in new connection as old) to compare development vs test vs production data. (John O'Toole)
      * Selected layer definitions can be imported/exported as XML independently of SQL Developer session save/load; (John O'Toole)
      * A view and all its layers definitions can now be imported/exported as XML; (John O'Toole)
        - When saving a map view and its dependent layer definitions, only selected layers will be exported)
      * The number of features drawn in a map on refresh is now able to be visualized via a prefix dynamically added to layer name in map; (Simon Greener)
        - Note: Counts number of features drawn in current map extent;
        - Right mouse click menu at the top of the map view tree turns feature count display on/off 
        - Also is Tools>Preferences>GeoRaptor>Spatial View>Display Layer's Feature Count.
      * Scale dependent labelling of label text. (John O'Toole)
        - Simple loscale/hiscale input ranges added to each layer's properties to provide basic scale dependent display of a layer's label (attribute);
      * Marking of the circular arc points in a compound object now supported. (Simon Greener)
      * Import Shapefile menu on table node of a connection (cf View>GeoRaptor>Import shapefile). (Simon Greener)
      * New column menus on Views and Materialized Views. (Simon Greener)
      * Right mouse click on table/MV/view node that contains > one SDO_GEOMETRY column now presents column selection menu, no longer selecting first. (Simon Greener)
      New preferences
      * New preference to control how a database column name is truncated to 10 characters when exporting to a shapefile (request by Matthias Edelhof).
        - Controls shortening of Oracle column names to DBase field names 
          eg Beginning: OBK__FLACHEN__BIOTOPTYP_ => OBK__FLACH (10)
                   End: OBK__FLACHEN__BIOTOPTYP_ => BIOTOPTYP_ (10)
      * User can request conversion from SDO_GEOMETRY to JGeometry to be done via fast pickler (Java) processing; (John O'Toole) 
      * Map Scale in map status bar can now be switched on/off (Simon Greener)
      * Feature count display: Tools>Preferences>GeoRaptor>Spatial View>Display Layer's Feature Count.
      * Tools>Preferences>GeoRaptor>Miscellaneous>Search/Display/Query Limit (feats) controls row limit on the number of objects georaptor tries to render.
      Improvements and Changes
      * Improved error handling and error messages in a number of areas. (Simon Greener)
      * Improved handling of mixed case table/column names in queries. (Bill Sappington)
      * SQL improved for when extracting primary keys and columns
      * Improved statistics produced at the end of a query/spatial layer SQL execution and draw. (Simon Greener)
      * SQL logging extended to majority of queries executed by GeoRaptor (Simon Greener)
        - The Preferences>GeoRaptor>Miscellaneous>log Search Statistics has been renamed to log SQL. 
        - All sql is logged including any parameters.
      * Default colour for a new point layer is now dynamic/random. (Simon Greener)
      * Spatial index failure now drops failed index automatically. (Simon Greener)
      * Adding layer to view now correctly refreshes the view to display the layer. (Simon Greener)
         NOTE: All non-point layers are added with pixel filtering on as a default.
         It is important to realise this because if the layer's MBR is very large relative to the size of the features no features may be displayed confusing the user.
         This can be turned off by accessing the following preference.
         Tools>Preferences>GeoRaptor>Spatial View>SDO_FILTER pixel filtering (not points)
         Future releases of GeoRaptor will start with a default of false (ie no pixel filtering is applied).
      * Zooming in/out now operates correctly and smoothly. (Simon Greener)
      * Incorrect application of polygon transparency to line drawing corrected. Lines always draw as solid lines. (Sandro Costa.)
      * Spatial index creation error display fixed. (Simon Greener)
      * Change to visual representation of SDO_GEOMETRY synchronisation corrected. (Simon Greener)
      * Preferences not loaded on SQL Developer startup corrected. (Simon Greener)
      * Revamp of database connection handling to try and address issues of connections being lost. (Not fully corrected.)
      * Check view measurement units vs actual create shape (linear vs area in Map View) (Simon Greener)
      As usual, I make a general appeal to GeoRaptor users to get behind the project.


      We know something about the number of downloads of GeoRaptor but we don't know whether anyone who downloaded GeoRaptor is actually using it!

      In order for us to plan GeoRaptor's functionality and future we need to know more about our user base.

      Are you using it?

      Do you like it?

      As such please consider registering your email address with our read-only registration email list (https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/georaptor-register). You will not be contacted via this list except for strictly official GeoRaptor purposes. Your email address will not be shared with anyone else.

      Please report any bugs (http://sourceforge.net/p/georaptor/bugs) you find or suggest improvements (http://sourceforge.net/p/georaptor/feature-requests/).

      In addition, please consider joining one of the following discussion email lists or forums:
      * News Email List; https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/georaptor-news
      * Help Email List; https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/georaptor-help
      * Open Discussion Forum; http://sourceforge.net/p/georaptor/discussion/532803
      * Help Discussion Forum. http://sourceforge.net/p/georaptor/discussion/532804

      Developed by Simon Greener with contributions from: Holger Laebe, Minnaar and Olaf Iseeger.

      GeoRaptor development takes unpaid volunteer time.

      Consider helping by:
      * Making a donation https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?item_name=Donation+to+Spatial+Viewer+for+Oracle+SQL+Developer&cmd=_donations&business=
      * Becoming a developer, documenter, translator or tester

      GeoRaptor uses components from the following open source projects:
      * GeoTools
      * Java Topology Suite

      Simon Greener
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          The team does a great job with the GeoRaptor.
          I like it, find it very useful and would donate some bucks - but the link is invalid :0
          • 2. Re: GeoRaptor 3.2.2 Released for SQL Developer 3.x
            Simon Greener
            I don't know why this is except to say that we migrated the Sourceforge site to their new web framework at the end of last year.
            It worked before then.

            Thanks for pointing it out.

            I will investigate.

            Until then, since I am the only programmer and all donations, via a decision of the team, go to me, you could donate via my own website www.spatialdbadvisor.com.

            • 3. Re: GeoRaptor 3.2.2 Released for SQL Developer 3.x
              Simon Greener

              The Donate button on the GeoRaptor SourceForge website is now fixed.

              It was, as I expected, an issue relating to GeoRaptor's Sourceforge site migrating to their new Allura platform.

              I note your wonderful, kind, and much appreciated GeoRaptor donation made via my personal website. It is greatly appreciated.

              (BTW the GeoRaptor team agreed long ago that donations would go to the person who did the most work, so there is no conflict of
              interest or issues about direct payments to be being done via false pretenses!)

              • 4. Re: GeoRaptor 3.2.2 Released for SQL Developer 3.x
                Thanks Simon and co - the tool is greatly appreciated.
                Cheers, Graham
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                  B Hall

                  So I have to ask... what's new in this week's release?

                  • 6. Re: GeoRaptor 3.2.2 Released for SQL Developer 3.x
                    Simon Greener

                    I made an Early Access release (not an official release) yesterday to make GeoRaptor available to someone in Europe who identified a bug that only shows itself if you try to change the zoom/pan percentage in preferences.

                    The bug is caused because I used String.format() in the code and the format string that is supplied (stored as a preference) contains a % symbol on its own which String.format() interprets as a format token and tries to associate the percentage value with it rather than the actual parameter. The bug release contains a changed preference string (the % is "escaped" to be %%). Trivial really. We don't have enough testers.

                    I have not heard that the fix worked (though it worked in my testing).

                    There was also a minor change to the way GeoRaptor's Java code accesses the database connection associated with a result set generated by an ad-hoc SQL statement or table grid as occasionally GeoRaptor lost the connection. I am hoping for some testing of these two things before pushing for a bug fix release to the current one in the public domain.

                    No other work has been commenced on the next release of GeoRaptor as I am writing a book and I have had little communications from any GeoRaptor user about what they would like in a release.