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    Loading 1Table records to Mulitiple files usikng KM through one interface

    Gourav Atalkar(ELT)
      Hi All,

      I have a small Requirement for KM modification...

      Source : MS SQL Server
      Target : File
      I have a table with 100 rows i want to load it to multiples files (files need to created automatically ) like........

      File_1: 10 rows
      File_2: 10 rows
      File_3: 10 rows
      File_10: 10 rows

      i want to split one table record to multiple files using IKM (Which will do this)

      All files need to have the Header....

      hope this is clear.....

      I have to have one interface for this.
      Please any body can suggest the best way to do this.....