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    Issue in Section to Paragraph files conversion..

      We have one section named TESTPARA with three text areas and the sample contents are below,

      TEXTAREA 1
      You've opened a new tab

      TEXTAREA 2
      With tabs you can:
      1.Use one Internet Explorer window to view all your webpages.
      2.Open links in a background tab while viewing the page you're on.
      3.Save and open multiple webpages at once by using favorites and home page tabs.

      TEXTAREA 3
      To get started:
      1.Press the CTRL key while clicking links (or use the middle mouse button).
      2.Click any tab with the middle mouse button to close it.
      3.Press ALT+ENTER from the address bar or search box to open the result in a new tab.

      While converting TESTPARA SECTION to PAR files using converstion tool option Convert Sections to Paragraph Files then checked into library.
      Once i opened and check the TESTPARA.PAR file is showing only the first text area content.

      Why this so happened ? Any issues there in converstion option ? or Is there any limitation ?
      Section to paragraph convertion have limitation while bullets and numbering present is that so ?

      Please share your valuable thoughts on this issues.

      Note: I'm using 11.5 version of documaker.And i tried in 12.1 version of documaker also.It behaves the same.

      RAMAN C
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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          A "Paragraph" resource contains only a single text area. It might be a single line of text or multiple text paragraphs long, but it is still a single text area object. So when you conver a Section to a Paragraph file, the system will locate the first text area in the selected FAP and ignore everything else.

          If your goal is to have a single PAR file with that content, you can open the original (FAP) section and the PAR and copy the contents of the other sections to the clipboard and then paste them into your new PAR file. If you have other files that you wish to convert in a similar way, you might consider combining the text areas together first before doing the conversion. Simply select all of them on the page and then from the menu choose Tools/Convert to Text area. This will combine what you have selected together into a single text area and your subsequent conversion to PAR would then have the entire content of that text area (assuming it is the first one in the section).

          Note, if you don't want to save the section with that modification you can still get your PAR file. After you combine the content, then choose File/Export and choose the convert to Paragraph file option. Then you can unlock the original FAP resource and it will remain unchanged in your library.

          If your goal is to have separate PAR resources for each of the text areas, you will have to manually create a new PAR for each one and copy and paste the content from the original section.
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            Thanks for your information regarding this issue.

            RAMAN C