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    OBIA-GL from Peoplesoft & AP from EBS


      I need approaches in order to configure OBIA Finance Analytics. But data sources for GL is from Peoplesoft & AP & AR from EBS.
      Please provide your valuable input

      1. how this can be achived in OBIA

      2. which config files need to be configured so that there will not be any overlapping of data.

      3. data source num id will be diff or same for both sources considering there are some existing report using GL & AP subject area.

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          Ahsan Shah
          Some thoughts:

          Note that by doing this, you will not be able to reconcile your GL to your AP and AR subledgers. As far as configuration goes, as these are 2 unconnected systems, treat EACH configuration separately. For instance, you may have a set of TRANSACTION TYPES in EBS that differ from PSOFT. Essentially, you will have to treat this as 2 loads without any relationship. That means ALL configurations must be separated for EBS versus EBS and I would review the DAC manual on multisource execution plans. As far as "overlap" you will have 2 datasource num ids so this should not be an issue from a Index standpoint. You may want to come up with how you want to represent 2 sets of reports on the front end. For example, configure reports for AP/AR EBS versus GL reports w PSoft so that the RPD filters on the correct DAATSOURCE NUM ID.

          There is limited documentation for this, so test things carefully. I would recommend loading one module from one system first and thoroughly testing before you proceed with both systems. Also, make it clear to the business that there is no "link" per se on the analytics side as these are unconnected ERP systems.

          Hope this helps, If so pls mark.
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            These are not totally unconnected sys...PSFT data flows into EBS.Thy r populating only GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS in EBS with help of custom interface from PSFT. But rest of linkages from GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS they are not populating. 7 segments data thy r populating into 7 custom tables in EBS from PSFT. Apart from this there no other data flow.

            In this case if we do both loads with same Data_Source_Num_id, can i wl be able to do reconcillation then?

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              Ahsan Shah
              So your subledger data flows into EBS GL? So the natural account is exactly the same between EBS GL and PSoft AP/AR? You still have to configure all the dimensions (Calendars, Transaction Types, etc). Also, if you use EBS R12, you may or may not be using SLA (Sub ledger accounting) which means they not NOT link back to the sale AP/AR. Also, having 2 Datasourcenum Ids will make it such that the reports will filter on one. Perhaps you may have to customize the ETL or RPD to allow linking between the GL and SL.

              Bottomline, it may be theoretically possible, but there are many factors involved. Let me ask this..can you CURRENTLY reconcile between EBS GL and PSOFT AP (without OBIA)? If so, there is a possibility with customization to do this in OBIA.

              Hope that helps.
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                yess...subledger data flows into EBS & PPLSFT n EBS have same natural account. Currently i dont have any idea about reconcilation in third party software,wl get back to u on this but wht wil be scanario if thy want reconcilation in OBIA.?