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    Windows 7 64 bit Laptop


      I am try to install OBIEE version in my laptop (Windows 7 64 bit).

      I have installed successfully Database.
      I have installed successfully RCU.

      When I was installing OBIEE 13 step configuration part it's failed to creation domain.

      I have followed as mention below steps where was wrong. Please help me on this.

      1. Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter, set static IP address and add this entry to host file.
      2. Set User Environment Variables to C:\TEMP and C:\TMP
      3. Make sure your machine name has no special characters in it like underscore.

      Still am facing the same 13 step for creation domain.

      Please help me on this

      Software versions:

      OBIEE --- 64bit
      Databse : bit
      RCU: -- 32bit

      Kindly help me on this.

      Award points..