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    Setting properties on a Mediator component & accessing them inside

    Lucas Jellema
      As I understand it, we can define properties on components in the composite.xml file. For BPEL components - and I got them to work, using ora:getPreference() to access the property value inside the BPEL process - and I believe for Mediator components too.

      Something like:
        <component name="MySpecialMediator">
          <implementation.mediator src="MySpecialMediator.mplan"/>
          <property name="custom.configurationSetting1" >customConfigSetting1</property>
          <property name="mediator.custom.configurationSetting1" >MediatorcustomConfigSetting1</property>
      I am not sure what the naming convention is - if any - for properties defined on a Mediator component.

      However, what I have not been able to work out is how to retrieve the values from these properties inside the Mediator, for example in Filter Expressions or in Transformations. I suspect that the function mhdr:getProperty('') can be used in transformations at least - and perhaps an expression like $in.properties.... in filter expressions.

      Can anyone tell me what the syntax is - the fully classified name for such component level properties inside the Mediator?

      thanks a lot for your help.

      best regards,

      Lucas Jellema