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    Displaying text data from Essbase Cube in OBIEE report

      Hi ,

      I have imported a Essbase cube into OBIEE rpd using admin tool.
      As we know that Measure's are stored as numeric value's in Essbase even if it's actual data is a text. So , i need to bring that text to show in reports. In a RDBMS table(HSP_TEXT_CELL_VALUE) , text is stored with its corresponding numeric value (as in Essbase measure). Somehow I have to perform a join between this table and Essbase measure's .

      A federation technic is described in the below link :


      But it's not working .

      For example , The value's for a measure "Priority" are : 1,2,3 in essbase , now , it should be displayed as low, high, medium in OBIEE , with the help of HSP_TEXT_CELL_VALUE table .

      Let me know ,if further clarification needed on this scenario .