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    jumpstart error

      Hi Guys,
      I was performing jumpstart and I got this message:

      "Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet"

      Can someone explain to me what is missing?

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          tholtorff - oracle

          There are several problems on the boot server that might cause the failure:
          - Client MAC address not in ethers database
          - Duplicated entry in ethers database
          # grep client_hostname /etc/ethers
          # grep client_mac_address /etc/ethers
          - incorrect hostname in ethers and hosts database
          - /etc/nsswitch.conf pionts to different files (not ethers and hosts database)
          - in.rarpd daemon is not running
          # ps -ef | grep rarp

          I would start snoop both on server and client and check if RARP packets are detected by snoop:

          On the boot server:
          # snoop client_mac_address

          On the client:
          ok boot net - install

          Kind regards,
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            Thank you very much.