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    7963 Calender Customization for SCOM


      Please let me know the steps to be configured to point the SCOM module to 445 calendar exist in the source EBS R1212.

      In 7963 RPD, SCOM module facts are joined to W_DAY_D whcih is a gregorian calendar. We have requirement to show the SCOM data through 445 calender which will be loaded into W_MCAL_DAY_D from EBS.

      Please let me know best for pointing the SCOM facts to W_MCAL_DAY_D instead of W_DAY_D with minum RPD and ETL changes.

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          Did you check this doc for ETL/DAC?

          For RPD
          Since you want to point W_MCAL_DAY_D instead of W_DAY_D I would suggest to extract the existing logical table into udml and replace the source table and apply back the udml to rpd.
          that would be easiest way to do.

          If helps mark

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            No Sreeni.

            If I replace W_DAY_D with W_MCAL_DAY_D in UDML, what about the corresponding column replacement/mapping?

            I have figured out a way, Need to join facts date_wid with MCAL_DAY_DT_WID of W_MCAL_DAY_D instead of ROW_WID of W_DAT_D and need to expose MCAL cols...
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              Yes, You have to use MCAL instead of DAY.
              After your join in Physical layer, identify the logical table for DAY in BMM duplicate it change the source DAY to MCAL and then remap each column from DAY to MCAL.
              Since you might need same logical column names re-mapping would be easiest one.
              UDML might take something instead of that above said method would be easier.