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    Blank value Variable with OracleDiagent throwing error

      Hi All,

      In my process i am using 3 variables as input #GL_Product_code,#GL_Period_no,#GL_Year based on this i need to fetch all other details ,if i given any of this input value blank based on other two inputs it needs to fetch the value,below code in where condition
      ......where product_code=nvl('#GL_Product_code',product_code) and period_no=nvl('#GL_Period_no',period_no) and year=nvl('#GL_Year',year)

      but when i use local agent my process executing with out errors,when i executing with OracleDiagent its throwing error as variable has no value

      Error details

      oracle.odi.core.exception.OdiRuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: ODI-17506: Variable has no value: GL_VALIDATE.GL_PERIOD_NO

      Thank you for your suggestion .......

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