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    CrossJoin MDX function with MaxL


      I am trying to clear out an area of an ASO cube using the following maxl statement...

      alter database '1'.'2' clear data in region '{CROSSJOIN(CROSSJOIN({[Jan]},{([Forecast], [Cycle 1] )}),{(Except( {[Measure].Levels(0).Members},{[Dates_Reporting].Levels(0).Members}))})}' physical;

      My idea is to clear out level 0 of measures dimension except the hierarchy under Dates_Reporting in curr month, version and scenario. When i execute the following message

      Statement executed successfully
      Database 1.2 altered
      Output columns prepared: [0]

      However, when i check in smartview, the data is still there...so what am i missing here that the data is not getting cleared?

      Is there any way i can do this?

      thanks for your help...

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