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    Help determining OSB media family settings


      I'm quite new to OSB, and a client has asked for the following:

      1. Backup a single dataset nightly. Just filesystems no RMAN.
      2. 3 nightly backups per volume
      3. 1 volume gets removed from the library at the end of the month, it being the most recently written volume. Off-site tapes are locked up and never returned to the library.
      4. Use new tapes when available, otherwise reuse whichever is the oldest volume in the library.
      5. Tapes will be restocked whenever they get low (starting with 29 tapes in the library).

      I'm pretty sure this is not possible in it's entirety with OSB, but I have only limited experience with it. I will try to get as close as possible, however.

      My current thoughts to meet this are:

      1. Backup nightly to a time-managed media family with a write window of 3 days.
      2. Manually remove the most recent tape from the library with an "extract volume" command on whatever is the most recently written volume.
      3. Set the retention time on the media family so that each tape can be reused 7 days after it's write window closes. This will mean that we can get down to 3 remaining tapes before having to restock. As recycled tapes are used before new tapes it also means that volumes will be kept for no more than 7 days, however, so requirement point 4 is not met.

      I'm pretty sure vaulting is not going to help me get closer to the requirements here, but I hope to be corrected.

      Is there any way to override the "Use expired tapes first" behaviour of OSB so it uses new tapes where possible? Anything else obvious that I've missed here?

      Thanks in advance,