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    OGG-00542 unexpected threading library failure.  Error code 11

    Miller - BAE
      I have 3 extracts and 3 pumps running on an Oracle RAC, 2 node cluster. Following a RAC node failover, two of my Extract processes are failing to startup with "OGG-00542 unexpected threading library failure. Error code 11. Resource temporarily unavailable."

      The 3 pumps and 1 other extract start OK. Each of the extract are built identically, each running against a different copy of the same schema. All in the same database.

      I am running Oracle 11gR2, GoldenGate I have Bounded Recovery OFF, Threads is 2.

      My configuration and build works well on several other boxes, even this box prior to the RAC failover.

      Thanks for any help on the "Error code 11. Resource temporarily unavailable"