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    How to combine two String repository properties into one

    Obed Murillo
      Hi All,

      Does any of you know a way to combine two repository properties into one, something like this (this is just pseudocode that does not works)?

      <property name="firstName"..../>
      <property name="lastName"..../>
      <property name="nameToDisplay">
      <attribute name="propertiesToCombine" value="firstName,lastName"/>

      I found this:

      <property name="siblings">
      <derivation method="union">

      at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26180_01/Platform.94/RepositoryGuide/html/s0612derivationmethods01.html#s0612union01 but just works with list not with Strings :(

      I want to accomplish this without extending GSAPropertyDescriptor

      I want to do this because the display Name of an item descriptor that I have needs to have the combination of properties that I already have.


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