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    OIM and OID connector

      I am installing the OID connector for OIM. The aim is to have a connector between OIM and OID. Please confirm if following steps are ok.
      The first step is to configure inside OIM, "Manage Connector" and install the connector. It is asking for 3 options-
      (a)ODSEE/OUD/LDAPv3 connector (b)OID connector and (c)Novell directory connector.
      I am not sure, which one to pick from (a) or (b). I tried to pick (b) which is OID connector as obvious choice, but find the following "IT Resource connection Test connectivity is not supported for the IT Resource type OID Server" - meaning test for connectivity is not available.

      Is choice (b) for OID connector ok?
      Also can someone point me to a good resource for OID and OIM connector. I hope the OID connector at below website is the correct way to move forward http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/id-mgmt/downloads/connectors-101674.html
      (listed as Oracle Internet Directory)
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          yes, you have to select the OID from the drop-down list and install it. please refer the below documentation for configuration:


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            Thanks. I have marked your answer as helpful. Hopefully this guide should be enough to get the OID connector going?
            Are there any other pre-configuration or user accounts etc required.
            Also if you would know of any good reference on the web, please let me know.