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    JavaFX 8 and new Java 8 libraries

      JavaFX 2 was clearly designed with an eye on new features coming in Java 8, particularly lamba expressions. As a result, there are some JavaFX APIs which have anticipated Java 8 library enhancements. For example, the javafx.util.Callback interface is basically identical to the proposed java.util.function.Function interface (see [url http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~briangoetz/lambda/sotc3.html]here or [url http://sett.ociweb.com/sett/settFeb2013.html]here).

      Are there plans to retrofit JavaFX APIs to support the new Java 8 libraries (so I can pass a Function instead of a Callback to a setCellFactory(...) method)? It would seem to make sense to unify around the new Java APIs rather than having JavaFX versions of them. Should we expect Callback to eventually be deprecated in favor of Function?