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    Connect to open ldap server using ODI


      I need to use openldap as dataserver in ODI. But I'm not sure how to provide valid connection string. My test ldap server:
      - host:
      - port: 389
      - base dn: dc=example,dc=com

      And (optionally), root access (simple authentication):
      - Bind dn: cn=jimbob, dc=example, dc=com
      - password: pass

      So, I'm trying to begin with anonymous access (read only), this is my connection string:


      Unfortunatelly, it does now work:
      java.sql.SQLException: ODI-40528: A com.sunopsis.ldap.connection.SnpsLdapDriverPropertyException occurred saying: ODI-40546: A user has not been provided

      Why does it ask me for user? ODI documentation says, that user/pass are not mandatory.

      What are correct connection strings for anonymous access and root (or other user) access in my case? Both methods works with apache directory studio.