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    Execution Plan for Full Load

    Abhishek Anand

      I Configured --

      1-Common Areas and Dimensions
      2-Financial Analytics
      3-Human Resources Analytics
      4-Procurement and Spend Analytics
      5-Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics

      for the BIAPPS 7963

      i used doc E19039-01.

      now i am going to run the full load, for that i created a new Execution Plan and added all the subject areas

      but these 3 subject areas also present there

      Common Dimension(for internal testing)
      Common-Load Day Dimension

      should i include these subject areas or not....for what purpose these subject areas are present there ?

      Abhishek Anand
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          Veeresh Rayan
          No.Dont inculde anything extra subject areas as you mentioned.

          Look for out the box execution plan -Ex Financials ORA1212 and see the underlying subject area and add these subject areas only in the newly built execution plan.
          DAC will take care of what task to exclude and what are not(Meaning if any tasks are shared across the modules it will include the tasks only once).

          Do note the same activity for all the subject modules (HR,SCM,Procurement etc) and add only those to your custom built execution plan.

          Loading daily dimension and all will be taken care internally.

          Marks correct or helpfull if it answers.

          Veeresh Rayan
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            Abhishek Anand
            Thanks Veeresh...i was really very confused..thanks a lot.