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    How to restore database using RMAN

      Dear DBA,

      I have copied RMAN full backup copy from PROD server mount point /rmanbackup to TEST server mount point /backup. Is it possible to restore the database with the full backup copy on test server using RMAN ?

      Note : I dont want to mount PROD Mount point here in test server. Because the restore will happen using network bandwidth. so restore will happen slowly.
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          Shivananda Rao

          I am not sure about the database version you are using.
          If on 10g or above, then refer this http://shivanandarao.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/duplicating-primary-database-to-a-new-host-without-connecting-to-the-primary-database-in-oracle-10g11g/

          If on 11g and want to make use of the feature available in 11g, then refer this http://shivanandarao.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/duplicating-database-without-connecting-to-target-database-or-catalog-database-in-oracle-11g/

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            Hi Shiv,

            Thank you! The duplicatling database post in your blog is very useful. But i renamed the mount point name as /rmanbackup like in PROD server and copied the PROD Rman backup to test server & restored the database.

            Keep writing replies in OTN forum.

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              This is not an exact match :


              However with some minor changes it will work for you.

              Best Regards

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                Scenario is like rman disk to disk cloning.

                summary of steps:

                1)Prepare pfile for target database and start in nomount mode

                2) Restore controlfile from backuppiece present in /rmanbackup

                rman target /

                restore controlfile from '<backuppiece name in /rmanbackup where controlfile is present-----give full path>'

                3)catalog all the backup pieces using CATALOG START WITH '/rmanbackup/*';

                This command will register the new location of backup in CF as /rmanbackup

                4) rman target /

                restore database;
                recover database;

                5)Open the database and rename if you want using NID
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                  Hi All,

                  Already I started the restore process as you mentioned.

                  Actually our restoration process is taking more than 10hours. Our DB size is 1.3 TB,
                  We have allocated 50 channels in RMAN & restoring.

                  RMAN 12 GB

                  Now My question is how to reduce restoration time? It is killing one full day for cloning.