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    insert new row into oracle databse through application module usng ADF Form

      I am using Jdeveloper 11.1.2. I am a beginner. I had tried in-built createInsert and commit method to add new row into oracle DB. For that, I had created ViewObject, VOImpl and AMImpl. Then, I created to jsf page. On first page, I dragged and dropped createInsert fn and VO(as ADF-readonly table) from DC Palette. and on second page, I dragged and dropped my VO(as ADF-Form) and commit (as Button) from DC palette. I created task-flow for it. when i click on createInsert button, i redirected to second page. where i filled all the required information on form. After filling, when i clicked commit button, i redirected to first page.(coz i created task flow to return first page after commit). New row is inserted into ADF-table, but when i checked my oracle DB, there was nothing added.
      Thus, I want to use custom method to insert row into OracleDB. So how can i get this? what are the steps required to do this? what programming codes required in Bean.java and AMImpl.java. Or is there any other steps to do this?
      please provide me detail steps and programming code for bean, amimpl or for VOImpl or EOImpl.
      please help me.