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    Structured Storage gentypes = false?

      I'm registering a schema and specifying gentypes = false. My understanding of structured storage is that it uses objects(types) that are generated during schema registration... but if I'm specifying gentypes = false and the default storage is object-relational is it creating hidden objects? I've created a table with one column as xmlType and refer to the registered schema, I see no types after schema registration nor table creation. How is it defaulting to object-relational if not objects have been created?

      Excerpt from the oracle 11g xml db developers gude:
      After an XML schema has been registered with Oracle XML DB, it can be referenced when defining tables that contain XMLType columns or creating XMLType tables.

      If you specify no storage model when creating an XMLType table or column for XML schema-based data, then the storage model used is that specified during registration of the referenced XML schema. If no storage model was specified for the XML schema registration, then object-relational storage is used.