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    impoting Jdeveloper project into Eclipse 4.7 juno

      can i impot Jdeveloper project into Eclipse 4.7 juno????please help me.
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          No, there is no direct 'import' feature that will load a JDeveloper project into OEPE. That said, it is possible to manually import the artifacts into an Eclipse project. We can also configure Eclipse to look into a JDevelper created project folder structure. What type of JDeveloper project do you have?

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            A Maven project developed in JDeveloper may be added/imported into Eclipse as the project directory structure would be the same, but not a JDeveloper project.
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              actualy project is developed in jDeveloper bt now i want to run it on eclipse.jDeveloper 9.
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                You can manually configure a JDeveloper project to use in Eclipse. The process depends on the type of project and technologies being used.

                Is it an "EJB Project" and if so, are you using JPA? Or is it a "Web Project"? Are you using ADF?

                Eclipse and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) have corresponding project types that you can use to set up your Eclipse environment for the JDeveloper project. There are multiple way you could configure an Eclipse project with the source from your JDeveloper project. You could just create a new Eclipse project then copy your JDeveloper source files into the src folder of the new Eclipse project and "refresh" the project.

                If you are trying to maintain the same project structure and some level of interoperability, you can create an Eclipse project with the same folder structure as the existing project. For example, using OEPE and following the steps below would help to configure a JDeveloper Web Project that uses JSF as a "Dynamic Web Project" in Eclipse. Basically, you'll create a new project to overlay your existing project, modifying the default Eclipse project structure to map it to the underlying structure of the JDeveloper project. The process will read/import the existing source files and add Eclipse metadata to the project.

                - Copy your JDeveloper project to your Eclipse workspace or a location where you want to maintain the project as an Eclipse project.
                - With OEPE, create a new "Dynamic Web Project" and use the name/location of the JSF web project from JDev.
                - In the "New Dynamic Web Project" wizard,...
                - click "modify" to update the configuration and include the desired "JavaServer Faces" version, and project facets for other technologies such as JSTL and "Oracle ADF Web".
                - you can create an EAR project and select a configuration option to add your Dynamic Web Project to the EAR.
                - change the "Default output folder" from "build\classes" to "classes" which is what the default output directory is in JDev.
                - in the "Web Module" page of the wizard, change the "Content directory" field from 'WebContent' to 'public_html' to match the default value in JDeveloper.
                - I think there's an option to generate the web.xml deployment descriptor that is selected by default and you can override to so that it is not selected and the process will not overwrite your existing web.xml.

                After completing the remaining pages of the wizard, the process will generate the required Eclipse metadata to the project and will refresh the project so that it now contains all the src and web content files from the underlying sub folders.

                This is just a rough example and you may have to do some additional configurations for dependent libraries or hand edits of some descriptor files, etc.
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                  hi crogers,
                  ok i will try it..!jDeveloper Project contains EJB's and JSP's.and running on WebLogic server.then how can i run this on ECLIPSE..?if possible plz tel me.
                  i am facing lots of difficulties in this work..!

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                    You stated that your "JDeveloper Project contains EJB's and JSP's". I'd guess your application contains two separate projects (typical project layout), one an EJB Project and a second Web Project with JSP for the presentation tier.

                    I recommend you use OEPE for integration of WebLogic Server and WebLogic Server tool support. Then, using OEPE you will first configure a runtime environment for the version of your WebLogic server. To do this, launch OEPE, select from the main menu bar options, "Window -> Preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments" and then select "Oracle -> WebLogic Server XYZ" corresponding to the version of your server installation. You will enter the path to your WebLogic and Java home directory. This process will set up your Eclipse workspace for the proper runtime environment.

                    In addition, you would want to set up the server in the "Servers" tab in the Java EE perspective. This is where you specify your WebLogic domain directory. This step will allow you to deploy and run the applications in your workspace on WebLogic.

                    For an application with two separate projects (EJB and Web for JSP), you can follow the technique outlined in the previous post to overlay eclipse project metadata on both your existing projects. First create an EAR project. Then create an "EJB Project" with the same name/location (i.e. use the file system path to that project folder) as the one created in the JDev application. Select the option in the wizard to add it to the EAR and then modify subfolder locations to match the layout structure of you JDev EJB project. Follow the same steps for setting up a "Dynamic Web Project" from the previous post for your JDev Web project.

                    The following document is a good introduction to OEPE with an examples of defining the runtime environment and creating new projects...