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    What is the best option to stop consolidation for a certain group of items

      We are in a business where we regularly handle classified and secret items. Only few resources are cleared to handle such SKUs. Information on the credentials of such employees are not in Oracle and is a constraint that needs to be considered.

      What we have thought of is consolidating standard items in one LPN but keeping the secret item(s) as a separate LPN. This way, we can ensure only cleared employees handle the special material.

      (1) In Oracle, the controlled items have an attribute telling us their code.
      (2) Moreover, the LPN for classified item will always start with X-.

      In the putaway rule, restriction 1 looks like Item Security = Classified. Restriction 2 looks like License Plate Number LIKE X-%. However, I am only wondering how to consolidate these special items separately without commingling with the ordinary ones. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.