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    First time apex user: some questions

      Apex 4.2, IE

      Looking to get off ground running with a couple of reports and looking for a nice excel feel to it
      I have 2 tables,
      1. Id like only the data from last 7 days displayed in a tabular excel type display giving me 7 rows and then a break and then data from next table. I can display 1 table ok but not the next.

      2. The columns display fitting 1 page wide (cant find where to do this, columns are displaying off the pages)

      3. Some conditional formatting on the columns so that lets say column a = 0 then do something like flash red.

      4. Id like only a report, not a form type display that allows update. My current effort s are leaving me with the capability to edit the data thats coming back which updates the database.

      Any pointers much appreciated.
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          Howard (... in Training)
          I assume this can be done by having each report in it's own region on the page. (Maybe you can put multiple reports in the same region? I'm not sure.) Also, you will have more/easier control if you do classic reports as opposed to IRs since they help by implementing features you may not want. Reports are by nature, read only, I think. I threw together a quick and very dirty example here. The reports are in regions 2 and 3.
          http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=47908:3 Dever \ Ima9Dever

          Once you do that, then you can think about flashing red entries.

          I'm not sure how to handle report size. There's only so much space on a screen. Questions: How wide are your monitors? Are they all the same width? Are you hoping to automatically resize no matter how small the screen of the device? Are you willing to allow lines to wrap? Let's get a few specifics? How many characters wide is your data? How many characters wide is YOUR screen?

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            those are quite a lot of questions. And certainly everything is possible depending on how much coding you want to do and how much java script you want to get involved.
            But let me give a few hints:
            1. With tabular forms (as with any forms or interactive reports) it gets very complicated when having more than one on the same page - as supposed to having multiple regular reports on one page, because of the automatic apex data processing.
            One solution I could think of is having a select item, that filters - I suppose 7 => 7 days => weekwise, and then updates the table with changing the selection.
            That filter can then be implemented in the statement that queries the data.

            2. As Howard pointed out: fitting data to screen is always some issue. Its easy when the table is smaller. Just add a width=100% css attribut. But when the table is wider you can only leave out some columns or scroll horizontal or abrevate some column content.

            3. For conditional formating there are several ways. The easiers is probable doing it in the select itself. E.g.:
            select case when sal < 0 then '<span class="negativSal">' 
                                               else  '<span>'
                            || sal || '</span>' SALARIES
                      emp                          EMP
            from emps
            Then in the report attributes the column SALARIES must be outputted as "Standard Report Column". And in the page-header the css-declaration:
            .negativSal { color:red !important; }
            You can also do conditional formating very easily with javascript, resp. jQuery.

            4. Report is what you get in the wizzard when creating a region: interactive and standard. Both are read only.

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