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    More psychotic WLST behavior

      So we're porting deployment scripts from standalone to clustered implementations of OSB on WLS 10.3.6.

      When trying to set attributes on a Uniform Distributed Topic, WLST is being completely retarded and refuses to navigate to the mbean for the object, although it's easily navigable from the wlst.sh shell.

      Furthermore, the code that's performing this step is a copy of the code that does the same function for a long list of distributed queues without complaining.

      So anyway, I've got a lookup function that checks for the existence of the topic:

      cmo.lookupUniformDistributedTopic('TopicName') <== returns true, so we proceed

      This throws the familiar:
      File "<iostream>", line 182, in cd
      File "<iostream>", line 1847, in raiseWLSTException
      WLSTException: Error cding to the MBean

      All pretty routine, but why can I navigate to it in WLST?:

      wls:/blah_domain/serverConfig> cd('/JMSSystemResources/blahSystemModule/JMSResource/blahSystemModule/UniformDistributedTopics/TopicName')

      A more relevant question than "Why is WLST so freakin' retarded?" might be, "How do I get the runtime to give me more detailed debug info?"