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    Skinning options in Accessibility (Screen Reader Mode)

      We have to turn on the Accessibility Mode (Screen Reader) to meet ADA compliancy for the application. I am extremely familiar with coding front-end for ADA requirements and everything. However we still want the site to look visually pleasing for our visual users.

      A couple of questions:

      1. All af|tables become accessible and place a pagination table at the top and bottom of the af|table. Is there anyway that I can use skinning to visually alter the buttons or the placement of those tables? For example, like to center align the pagination table so that it is centered with the data table and I like to format the buttons to look as other buttons using CSS.
      2. I noticed there are "information" icons that suddenly appear when user focuses on an input text field. Nice but overkill... is there any way to turn this off or use CSS to display: none?

      Is there any documentation on skinning all or any accessibility controls/features at all?

      Thank you,
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          you can use skinning as per the documentation. Please read http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24382_01/web.1112/e16181/af_access.htm and search for "skin" as it contains tips. Note that I don't know to what extend you have control over the components as the accessibility mode obviously renders are cut-down version of the components

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            Thank you for your suggestions Frank. I am familiar with skinning in the ADF environment and have it down pretty well. What is throwing me for a loop is that I cannot skin certain components such as the "pagination bar" of an af|table which appears when accessibility mode is set to screenreader.

            There has to be a way for developers to be able to fine tune targeting elements so they can be skinned as well no matter what the viewing mode is set to. Just because it is set to screenreader mode does not mean the application has to look crappy. Sighted users can and will still use the application but it seems from the more research I do, Oracle has a set path that there should be two separate versions of the application which users should be able to switch back and forth from. Which IMO is totally NOT what accessibility is about!!

            Is there ANYWAY at all to target specific components/controls so that they can be skinned using .css????

            Thank you,