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    How To Reset Taskflow When Navigating on Parent Page?

      Dear Forum:

      I have a main page (the home page for my application), that happens to have a bounded taskflow within a region on it. The main page has a CommandImageLink button which displays the site's logo. When you press the CommandImageLink, a global navigation rule returns you to the home page (as you would expect).

      The default view of the bounded taskflow is displayed when the main page initially loads.

      Say that the user navigates to another view in the bounded taskflow (i.e, away from the default view), and then the user decides to go back to the "home" page by clicking on a CommandImageLink button in the parent page. The home page reloads, but the region still shows the view that the user was on when the user pressed the parent page's navigation item.

      How can I get the page load to reset the taskflow back to the default view of the bounded taskflow?

      I'm using JDeveloper 11.1.2. (and loving it!)

      Thanks for any help.

      Best regards,


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          Timo Hahn
          You can refresh the region by calling region.refresh(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()) in a backing bean or set the refresh attribute to IfNeeded and supply a refreshCondition el expression. If you don't want to refresh the region but trigger some kind of navigation action from the parent, then you will need to queue an action event in the region.
          If you need to do a navigation you canlook at Frank's blog https://blogs.oracle.com/jdevotnharvest/entry/how-to_navigate_in_bounded_task_flows