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    Call an AppModule method from a bean without page bindings


      I want to know what could be done here. I am no expert in ADF development.

      I have a CommonBean that is able to retrieve the user currently logged in. It uses a library that was provided to me and I do not have the source code. This CommonBean is not registered in adfc-config.xml. Most of my JavaBeans extend this CommonBean so that I can get the user currently logged in.

      Surprise surprise, the requirements just changed.

      Let say the library I use is giving me the user currently logged in by calling user.getUserId(). Now I need to obtain another information which is located in a database's table. What is the best way to achieve this? My beans are located in my ViewController project. It is a good practice to interact with database only in the Model project. So my question is, how can I call a method from the AppModule in a bean that is not "linked" to a webpage? Normally, I would drag and drop the method from the DataControl onto my webpage, which will be use by the bean to call the method (bindings). Is it possible to do this interaction without using the bindings on a webpage?