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    SCP limit bandwidth

      I am trying to limit the bandwidth used on a SCP, seraching the net other flavors of unix have a -l option for SCP that allows them to limit bandwidth but all of my solaris 10 boxes do not have this. Is there a way to limit bandwidth on transfers (I would prefer to not have to install additional software packages) .

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          You might try the sshd package from sunfreeware.com. I haven't looked but it might have that option compiled into it.
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            Thanks, but it looks like you have to pay to download things off that site, not willing to cough up money for a possible answer. Anything else I can do to limit the bandwidth? I've got some remote sites that need to send something rather large, but I don't want to chew the entire link for the users.
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              The other option would be to do what SunFreeWare does. Download it and compile it yourself. If you need assistance let me know.

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                The latest update of Solaris10 1/13 (s10u11) has rsync freeware built in:

                ( http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26505_01/pdf/E27003.pdf )

                I believe rsync is able to throttle bandwidth.


                rsync will as said before available from sunfreeware .... last time I looked an older version was available for download ... newer versions require payment.
                opencsw is another source of a binary package ... but can be more involved and probably not worth it for a single package as might require additional support packages from them as well.
                (As Alan said above compiling a version of scp might be more beneficial in this circumstance).

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                  Thanks for all the responses, rsync would be great to use, I had read on this earlier. But unfortunaly I cannot use it as my network requires only the use of port 22 and rysnc uses port 873. I can set it to change it but I'm not sure what effect I would have being sshed into a machine on port 22 and initated a transfer with a different protocol on the same port. Compiling my own is ok, can you guys direct me where I can get the latest version of scp that includes the options I need, I really don't understnad how to navigate sunfreeware.
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                    Google "rsync over ssh"....
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                      Thanks for the help and ideas guys, it took a little bit but I got rsync over SSH to work and limit my transfer speeds.