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    Run PL/SQL Window, Reset Button does not reset code

    Stephen Manning
      I am running SQL Developer and when i select a package in the navigator and select "Run" it takes me to a Run PL/SQL window. When I manipulate the code to be executed and run it, the next time I go to run that function, the modified code is retained. I see a "reset" button but it does not clear the change and refresh the code to be run from the package as it did on my initial run.
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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Stephen,

          The Reset button works during any given instance of Run PL/SQL to return it to the state when that instance began. All modifications persist across instances of Run PL/SQL on the same package during the same SQL Developer session, so any changes not reset are cumulative during your session -- generally a useful thing.

          Exiting and restarting SQL Developer will return you to the original state.

          SQL Developer Team