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    Error in delete aggregate using nQcmd

      Hi ,

      I am using version

      I am trying to write a script does the following:

      Delete a particular aggregate.
      create the aggregate

      Below is the content of the script:

      delete aggregates "orcl".."poc"."ag_F_dtl";

      create aggregates

      for "POC"."F_Defects"("No of Events","No of Bad Parts - Summary","Reference Quantity - Summary")
      at levels ("POC"."Vendor"."Detail" using_surrogate_key , "POC"."Organisation"."Org Details" using_surrogate_key , "POC"."Material - Product"."Mtl - Detail" using_surrogate_key , "POC"."Time"."Month" using_surrogate_key )
      using connection pool "orcl"."Agg Conn Pool"
      in "orcl".."POC";

      Below is the error i get when the script is executed using the nQcmd command: (Error in the delete aggregate statement)

      [10058][State: S1000] [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: S1000] [nQSError: 10058] A general er
      ror has occurred.
      [nQSError: 43113] Message returned from OBIS.
      [nQSError: 27002] Near <">: Syntax error [nQSError: 26012] .
      Statement preparation failed

      Request you help.

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          Check this link might help you.

          I didnt find any thing other than Case for key words.. also 'poc' is not consistent in both statements
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            Hi Srini,

            My problem is still unresolved.

            Just a question.

            My understanding of the syntax for delete aggregates is :

            delete aggregates <Db name used in the physical layer>..<BMM Layer name>.<aggregate table name>;

            Can you please confirm if this is right?

            Additionally, my intention is to refresh the data in there aggregate tables by using the above command.
            Can you please suggest if there is a better way of doing it or any alternate method?