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    BI Publisher Integrated with Siebel Optimization Issues

      Hi Experts,

      I noticed that when i generate 1000 + records in siebel, i notice that the report is generated really slow, sometimes it takes a day to generate the report, which i think is not acceptable considering that i only used 1000 records even if we are generating in a testing environment. We already applied the optimization settings that is found on siebel book shelf, like the scalability, DSMaxFetchArraySize settings, etc found on this link http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14004_01/books/Reports/ReportsAdmin21.html#wp371331.But it seems that it does not take any effect when report is generating. Do are any other optimzation settings that we can use that may help to generate the BIP reports in siebel much faster?. Are there any documentation that may help us to determine what may cause this problem in generating the report? like the hardware requirements etc etc. Note that we uses bi publisher 10g for the reports

      Thanks in advance! :)