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    Frequent '500 Internal Server Error' on apexlistener 2.0


      I hope someone can help me. We've got an OracleXE 11g DB with apex 4.2 and apex listener 2.0 with apache reverse proxy setup. The Database and Apex4.2 is running on it's own Server and the Apex Listener is running in Glassfish on its own server, this is working fine but
      sometimes the users gets the listener page with the error '500 Internal Server Error' on it when either going to an apex page or submitting data etc this happens frequently. Before using apex listener we were using EPG and never came across the internal server error, this only started happening after moving to apex listener 2.0 so i assume that the problem is with the listener, I also checked the log files for apache and glassfish but there is no message or error regarding this everything seems to check out. is there someway to view the logfile or setup the log for apexlistener so that i can maybe get more details as to why this is happening??

      Thanks in Advance

      OracleXE 11G DB
      Apex 4.2
      Apex Listener
      Opensource Glassfish Server