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    BPM or Java/Db for this requirement

    Yousuf Baig

      Here's the requirement: A user creates a document (using webcenter portal UI) and he has a provision to add 'n' number of reviewers both sequential and parallel reviews are needed and also a combination is needed, which the user will add through the UI page.

      The requiment also states that the user should be able to modify the review steps. Suppose A has reivewed and B is yet to review, he should be able to replace B with C or even delete his review. Bottomline is that, the client needs a free hand to manage document review/approval as we deal with physical docs.

      The documents will be stored in Oracle UCM and I am using JSR 286 portlets for the UI.

      Is BPM a right thing to use here? can I dynamically build/query update BPM processes? OR shall I use java with Db to achieve this. The later gives me more control and developers are readily available for this. I have very limited knowledge about BPM.

      Request your suggestions here. Please help......

      Thanks in advance.


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