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    Weblogic 11 G Certification 1Z0-102 Contents Updated?


      I've been working for 1Z0-102 Weblogic 11g Exam since some time now and I recently checked the exam objectives to validate my prep. It looks like it has been reduced and although objectives still cover clustering and fail over, exam contents do not !

      Am I looking at wrong information, or it has been updated? Was it ever there? I can recall having these topics in WLS 11G Cert. Can someone validate?


      Look at following text from above link :

      The Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g System Administrator should have a firm grasp on the administrative tasks performed by a WebLogic Server 11g System Administrator, including installing and configuring Oracle WebLogic Server 11g, deploying Java EE applications to Oracle WebLogic Server 11g, and configuring Oracle HTTP Server as a Web proxy for Oracle WebLogic Server. OCAs certified as a WebLogic Server 11g System Administrator should also be able to configure Oracle WebLogic Server cluster to support failover and load balancing for applications*.

      Certification is obtained by passing the certification exam: 1Z0-102, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: System Administration I.

      Does it mean Cluster is no longer part?

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          It is possible (though infrequent) for exam topics to be updated; there are precedents for this; it happened on DBA OCA/OCP 10gR1->10gR2 and for Solaris 10 under sun. It also happens sometimes after beta.

          That is why it is always useful to periodically go back and check as you have sensibly done.

          I admit my knowledge of weblogic is patchy. I know very few some obscure parts, a lot of basics I don't know.


          From the knowledge I have (which may be imperfect) I believe you are right to question why:

          On the exam topics page: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=5001&get_params=p_exam_id:1Z0-102&p_org_id=&lang= there appears to be noo mention of any clustering topics. On the associated certifcation page http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=458&get_params=p_track_id:Weblogic11g as you rightly say the certification does cover clustering. The suggested training course: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=609&p_org_id=1001&lang=US&get_params=dc:D58682GC20,p_preview:N .... covers clusters.

          At least three possibilities exist:
          - Clustering covered under other topics or throughout exam (IMHO unlikely)
          - Clustering topics were in exam, but removed, and certiifcation description not changed to suit.
          - Clustering topics are on exam but missed from topics list on the webpage

          Brandye (cert forum moderator) is usually great at checking this and following up (but she can anlso randomly on holiday etc) .... but IMHO there is more than enough reason here to raise a SR here (note it may take a few days to get an answer):


          ( Not sure about which Issue type to choose ... its a toss up between ( BEA Certifcation / Certification details or OTHER) ... I think OTHER might be safest).

          Post the SR number back on this Thread for Brandye to follow up if she passes by.


          My knowledge of this anything that follows is very very sketchy and non authorative. I may be talking rubbish during part of it, and I defer to those who know such technology areas better):

          There are/have recently been a number of weblogic related changes ... and Oracle may be steering to view management of weblogic clusters down a different angle:

          Looking at the all exams and all certification pages ...


          I see a number of certifcations / exams which appear to be related to weblogic / weblogic clusters to a greater/lesser degree:

          Oracle WebLogic Server 10g System Administrator Certified Expert (WLS 10g OCE via 1z0-108 ) #### This certainly covers clusters ...
          Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g System Administrator ( WLS 11g OCA via 1z0-102)
          Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Certified Implementation Specialist (CLOUDAPP OCS via 1Z0-468) ### very loose connection ( beta finishing soon)
          Oracle Application Grid 11g Essentials (APPGRID OCS via 1z0-523) ### quite loose connection
          Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Certified Implementation Specialist (WLS 12c OCS via 1z0-599) ### Covers cluster

          ... I suspect as the WLS 11g OCA is at OCA level I postulate it may have been felt appropriate to leave clustering it for a later or different exam (e.g. WLS OCP 11 should that ever appear). Generally the OCS exams are for Oracle Partners and often lean towards installation/deployment of the associated product and things needed by a partner.
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            Brandye Barrington-Oracle
            Stick to the exam topics listed on the exam page. I'll have the exam developers take a look at this description and get it updated. Sorry for the confusion. It looks like topics may have been updated.

            Brandye Barrington
            Certification Forum Modearator
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              Thanks to both of you for replying to the thread. What I think is that Oracle may be having plans to split this into two parts, I and II. And this could be just part I and part II is still to be posted which may earn an OCP status.

              It's practically impossible to complete all (thats only 1 currently) exams in the 11G track still get away from being testing on subjects such as Clustering, Security which are one of the prime reasons why people want to get certified.

              I also think that part I misses subjects such as performance management, monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning aspects which I would expect to be there in Part II. I'm of opinion that these might well be coming up in Part II which is underway, but not published still.

              I'll hold off any plans until this matter gets cleared. I plan to wait for a couple days more and if not I'll file an SR.

              Brandye, if it's in your scope, could you please take these aspects to the exam developers.

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                Brandye's suggestion to concentrate on the existing topics is probably good. Especially if you are about exam ready.

                Brandye can usually be taken as open and helpful and authorative on most things. The time when she will be able to say nothing .... is on what is going to happen in the future at Oracle. Essentially because Oracle recognises that until it has happened the future may change, and they don't want to give misinformation.

                So a lot of what follows is speculation.

                Using the following references I postulate how weblogic certifications got to where they are:


                Oracle acquired BEA weblogic in April 2008
                Oracle would have acquired stewardship of the BEA certiifcation for weblogic admin at the same time.
                I assume the 10g WLS ADM OCE was essentially set on the previous BEA exam. It probably didnt suit Oracle's OCA/OCP model, hence OCE.
                Oracle WLS 11g was released in July 2009
                An Oracle 11g WLS ADM OCA associated exam entered beta in july 2011.
                ... At this time there was probably an idea of an 11g WLS ADM OCP
                An Oracle 11g WLS ADM OCA associated exam finished beta in october 2011.
                ..... This would have meant production in January 2012
                In December 2011 Weblogic 12c was released.
                By this point it might have been inobvious whether press forward with 11g WLS ADM OCP or to wait to introduce a 12c WLS ADM OCA (and OCP?)
                I suspect .. possibly incorrectly ... the WLS ADM OCA has not been a high take-up exam.
                There may also have been concerns that weblogic might need some re-engineering to better 'fit' the cloud ... and its often not good/easy to introduce certification exams when the underlying technology is changing rapidly.

                The version numbering of Oracle Application Servers has been confusing for years (even more than HP 9000 series !) ... and marketing needs and the need to show a smooth marking transition from OAS to WLS may not have helped.
                So I can probably see how it is are where it is ... and probably very difficult for it to be anywhere else.
                So the roadmap for WLS ADM certifications is perhaps interesting. ( But there is no way that Brandye/Oracle will be able to release that).

                In addition if Oracle do introduce WLS ADM OCP they may have a mandatory training requirement.


                As I mentioned before all I have said is as a 'watcher' .... it is a conjecture ... which may or may not reflect reality or futures.


                Anyway .... back to bucket and shovel basics.


                1) Dont worry about these things in the final throws of certification preparation. Any new OCA/OCP WLS ADM certifications will take 3 to 6 months from announcement to production and the first certifcations being issued.

                2) Simply concentrate on passing the exam your are focused on, and don't lose focus (look who is talking!). An exam pass/certification in the hand is worth two in the bush !

                ( http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/a-bird-in-the-hand.html )
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                  Thanks for replying. I think I'll be exam ready in about 10 days from now including reviews required. My basic objective to start with was to gain hands on clustering, fail over, security, troubleshooting knowledge on WLS which is what most of the customers use for the product I work on.

                  This directly hits that to know 40 % of stuff I'm looking for is out, probably to be part of something new to come up, but currently not sure.

                  But I think suggestion for now is good, stay with objectives and I'll. I'll be closely monitoring this aspect to see it's progress.

                  Thanks again.
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                    Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                    Hi Amol,
                    There is actually no need to submit an SR. In checking this further, it looks like the info additional topics on the track page may have just been included by mistake. As far as I know, there are no plans to change or split this version of the exam. You can prepare for the exam based on the topics on the exam page and we are working on getting the track page content updated. I think you are over-thinking this and should just focus on the exam topics and the exam and certification that are currently available.

                    Brandye Barrington
                    Certification Forum Moderator
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                      Hi Brandye,

                      Thanks for replying. One correction : topics on the track page may have just been included or excluded by mistake? The current version of exam topics excludes Clustering, security backup-recovery aspects, which was their earlier.

                      According to your earlier comments, current one is supposed to be taken as correct, which excludes above subjects, but apparently update is missing on objectives description.

                      I'm continuing with current exam topics contents.

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                        Have you taken the exam? Did you find any questions on clustering and security?

                        I am about to take the exam and I am not sure how to proceed.