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    SaveBeforeExit plugin configuration

    Jiri N.
      Hi all,

      I need a help with SaveBeforeExit plugin configuration.

      My scenario:

      I have a tabular for where one column is defined as popup LOV. I would like to use a SaveBeforeExit plugin to display a warning message when there is some not saved data on the page.
      I use a jQuery selector as "Disable Warning Selector" to disable the warning message when something is changed in existing row and user clicks on LOV arrow button (this works).
      table.report-standard a
      But this approach does not work when the new row is created. When I create a new row and put some data to some column and then click on LOV arrow button then the warning message is displayed. I have also tried to change the event scope of dynamic action from Static to Dynamic, but without success.

      Could you please help me how to solve this issue?

      My test appl..

      username: kurin@centrum.cz
      passwd: kurintest
      appl: 71199
      page: 2

      As browser I use IE 8.

      Thanks in advance!