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    Client Listner is not working in jsff

      Hi All Experts,

      I have one requirement , for that i need to generate runtime table (getting coloumns and rows count at runtime). It is working and for that i am using arrayList to implement.
      I need to capture the changed values of textboxes which are that table , so i am using ClientListner And ServerListner

      my code is

      jsff code is

      <af:inputText value="#{party.value}" accessKey="#{tid.index}" id="id12" clientComponent="true" >
      <af:clientAttribute value="#{partyCount.index}" name="partyindex"/>
      <af:clientAttribute value="#{tid.index}" name="billcodeindex"/>
      <af:clientListener method="testFunc" type="valueChange"/>
      <af:serverListener type="testBBFunc" method="#{pageFlowScope.CaseMgmtBean.testBBFunc}"/>

      and javascript code is

      function testFunc(event) {

      pindex= event.getSource().getProperty("partyindex");

      but i dont know why it is not calling the listners ,

      Please help

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