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    Reg : SFTP Issue - ODI

      Hi All ,

      Can anyone help on this

      When i am trying to SFTP my file to third party , it throwing me error

      My details are :

      OdiSftpPut "-HOST=*****" "-USER=****" "-PASSWORD=*****" "-LOCAL_DIR=/home/oracle/Target_Files" "-LOCAL_FILE=SFTPTest.csv" "-REMOTE_DIR=/home" "-REMOTE_FILE=SFTPTest.csv" "-IDENTITY_FILE=/home/oracle/***.ppk" "-STRICT_HOSTKEY_CHECKING=NO"

      Here i have password for IDENTITY_FILE (.ppk file ) but i dont find any option to give the password in ODI .

      The error msg is : invalid privatekey

      but we checked with different tool like Filezilla for this process with this key , it worked fine .

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          Hi Karthik,

          I've just found this : http://e-infomed.com/sftp-with-ssh-key-in-odisftp/

          I don't know if it can help you or not.

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            Hi Jerome ,

            Thank you for the response , but it didn't worked in my case

            and also in my post the details shows like "-STRICT_HOSTKEY_CHECKING=NO" , i already selected the option as NO and tested .

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              Ayush Ganeriwal-Oracle
              You can provide the password to identity file using -PASSWORD parameter.

              Here is the description for -PASSWORD from documentation http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/integrate.1111/e12643/appendix_a.htm#CEGICIJE

              -PASSWORD=<password of the SSH user>      No      The password of the SSH user or the passphrase of the password protected identity file. If the –IDENTITY_FILE argument is provided this value will be used as the passphrase for the password protected private key file. If the public key authentication fails then it falls back to the